Do Not Save Money


It's impossible to save your way to wealth.

That’s why we started a financial newsletter that helps younger generations make more money in a world stacked against them. 

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For younger generations, the odds of achieving financial security are getting slimmer each year.

Right now, the world around you is getting roughly 8% more expensive each year due to inflation. Trying to save your way to financial security in this environment is impossible. Despite this fact, most financial outlets relentlessly harp on the importance of saving money, cutting out lattes, eating less avocado toast, yada yada. 

To help out, The Do Not Save Money Newsletter surfaces as many new money-making ideas as possible. Then, we share these ideas with our community in a newsletter every Wednesday @ 1 pm PST. 

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Past Newsletters

Three Sentence Summary: ShiftKey makes it easy for nurses, CNAs, therapists, or dental assistants to find available shifts.  You can choose from 1000s of shifts in your area, bid your preferred rate, and get paid the next day. If ShifKey…

3-Sentence Summary: Masterworks allows you to invest in high-end artwork. Although past performance is no indicator of future returns, fine art has earned historical annual returns of 13.8%. High-end artwork is also known to perform well during inflationary environments. How…

3 Sentence Summary: Qwick connects businesses with freelance service industry workers for short-term staffing needs. As a freelancer, you can choose your own shifts, set your own schedule, and work a variety of events. Most shifts pay $20-$30 per hour…

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