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#8) Catalant: The Freelance Marketplace For Consultants

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3-Sentence Summary:

  1. Catalant, formerly HourlyNerd, is a freelancer marketplace for experienced professionals and consultants.
  1. Its marketplace helps pair businesses with independent consultants and subject matter experts who can help them solve pressing problems.
  1. As a side note, boy are we happy that they changed their name from HourlyNerd.

Supercharge Your Freelance Biz

Most people are familiar with freelancer marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. However, these marketplaces have a reputation for being filled with low-quality opportunities on both sides of the transaction. If you want a “bigger and better” place to sell your skills then you should check out Catalant

Catalant positions itself as a marketplace for top consultants. If you have decades of experience in your industry, an advanced degree such as an MBA, or a unique value proposition that separates you from others then you’ll want to check it out. Catalant works with some of the largest corporations in the US including ABInbev, Pfizer, Shell, Staples, and more. It also works with plenty of private equity companies.

For freelancers, Catalant helps put you in front of thousands of Fortune 1000 companies that are looking to pay top dollar for the right expertise. According to CEO Pat Petitti, “The lowest price almost never wins on our platform. Our clients don’t care about cost. They care about speed and quality.”

Additionally, once you’re a part of the Catalant marketplace, you can also network with other freelancers who have supplementary skills to yours to take on client work. Catalant currently has a network of 80,000 consultants on its platform.

How Much Can I Make?

The amount that you can earn on Catalant depends widely on your experience, your skillset, as well as your ability to sell your skillset. Since you can set your own rates, you are in control of how much you earn. With the right expertise, you can expect to earn rates starting around $150 per hour.

That said, some Catalant users claim to have earned as much as $500,000 in one year. According to current and former Catalant users, here are a few other pros of using the platform:

  • Access to longer-term projects that range from months to years, not days to weeks
  • You’re usually working on more impactful projects that are large in size and scope.
  • Projects have a higher price point

For its service, Catalant charges a 25-30% fee that it adds to your rate and bills the client for.

All of this makes Catalant a great place to start a high-margin side hustle as a consultant.

Getting Started

To get started on Catalant, you need to be 18+ and have either an MBA or extensive experience in your field. Additionally, once you’ve signed up, you will need to create a “service offer”. This is essentially just the skill or service that you plan to offer to companies. You can get started on Catalant by creating an account.

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