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#3) ShiftKey: Helping Healthcare Pros Pickup Extra Shifts

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Three Sentence Summary:

  • ShiftKey makes it easy for nurses, CNAs, therapists, or dental assistants to find available shifts. 
  • You can choose from 1000s of shifts in your area, bid your preferred rate, and get paid the next day.
  • If ShifKey doesn’t operate in your area, Greater Good Health and Incredible Health are two similar companies to check out.

Easy Scheduling For Healthcare Workers

ShiftKey is a Dallas-based startup currently valued at $2 billion that’s tackling the labor shortage in the US medical system. ShiftKey’s scheduling platform makes it much easier for medical facilities to staff shifts by connecting them with qualified medical pros. Right now, the ShiftKey system supports jobs for:

  • Nurses & CNAs
  • Therapists (PT/OT/ST/RT)
  • Dental Hygienists & Assistants
  • ShiftKey currently partners with 10,000 healthcare organizations across the country and has onboarded hundreds of thousands of medical pros. The goal of the company, according to CEO Tom Ellis, is to “empower nurses and other licensed professionals to move toward short-term gig work or travel nurse work, which pays better than full-time employment at a hospital facility.”

How Much Can You Make?

This depends on how many extra shifts you decide to work as well as your credentials and the hourly rate that you can demand.

That said, with ShiftKey, you have the ability to pick up extra shifts on top of your current schedule as well as bid your desired rate for shifts. If you don’t want to work more without the extra incentive then you could just bid your overtime rate and only accept shifts where you know you will be making more than you normally would.

Once you have completed your shift, ShiftKey pays you daily or weekly (depending on your preference) via direct deposit.

ShiftKey doesn’t necessarily advertise that healthcare pros will make more money on its platform, as its focus is more on providing easy, flexible scheduling. However, using ShiftKey, you have the ability to pick up extra shifts on top of your current schedule as well as big higher-than-average rates.

With this in mind, your additional earning potential can be fairly high even if you just pick up a few extra shifts per week. On top of that, ShiftKey’s CEO has stated that nurses who work “gig’ shifts tend to earn more than those who work steady schedules.

Getting Started

ShitKey has already helped healthcare pros schedule over 58 million combined hours. To get started, you just need to head to ShiftKey’s website, create a profile, and upload your credentials. You won’t need to wait for a recruiter or go through an interview process and you should be able to start accepting shifts fairly quickly.

For overworked healthcare workers, ShiftKey could be exactly what you need to overhaul your schedule and bring some much-needed control back into your life schedule.

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