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#25) GLG: The World’s Expert Insight Network

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3-Sentence Summary:

  1. GLG is an expert insight network that helps connect companies with freelance industry experts.
  1. If you have a specific skill set or knowledge base then you can earn money helping companies solve high-level problems.
  1. GLG works with approximately 1 million professionals around the world and adds 9,000 new members each month.

Become a Freelance Subject Matter Expert

GLG is the self-proclaimed “World’s Expert Insight Network”. This means that they connect companies with subject matter experts across different industries to help them solve problems. In the past, executives at large companies usually just relied on insights from friends, contacts, or mentors when tackling new projects. GLG is seeking to change that by creating a community of talented professionals that can serve as a resource for businesses.

By joining GLG’s network, you can get paid to serve as a freelance subject matter expert. By joining, you’ll also get access to GLG’s library of exclusive content which includes educational webcasts, interviews, and transcripts.

If you are interested in freelance consulting but aren’t quite sure how to get started then GLG is a great platform to check out. This platform works with 40% of the S&P 500 companies as well as essentially every leading bank, tech, law, and pharmaceutical company.

How Much Can I Make?

This depends on your industry, experience level, and the hourly rate that your skills command. But, since GLG lets you set your own hourly rate, it’s probably best for professionals that already have an easily marketable skill. 

For example, if you’re a healthcare professional with a unique knowledge base and you already know the type of rate that you can command then GLG can send you a steady stream of clients.

GLG works by:

  1. Creating a profile and taking their tutorial
  2. Receiving emails about open opportunities that are related to your field
  3. Working together with the client to complete the task or project at hand
  4. Getting paid immediately after the project is complete

Getting Started

You can get started on GLG by creating a profile here which will require a brief onboarding process. Once your account is live you will be able to use it to check your status on client projects you have accepted, review new project opportunities, and receive payments.

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