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#24) RippleMatch: How Gen Z Finds Jobs

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3-Sentence Summary:

  1. RippleMatch is a recruitment automation platform that offers a modern take on finding a job.
  1. It works by directly matching you with recruiters at companies that you’ll love while also ensuring that you never get “ghosted”. 
  1. RippleMatch users are 10X more likely to find a job than people who use a traditional job board.

RippleMatch: How Gen Z Finds Jobs

Navigating today’s job market can feel incredibly mundane. In most cases, the process of finding a job mainly just involves scrolling Glassdoor, Indeed, and other job boards while mindlessly submitting your application over and over and over again. Since you’re usually one of hundreds of applicants, you’re lucky to get a response to your application let alone an interview. Luckily, RippleMatch can help you expedite this process.

RippleMatch works by getting an idea of the types of jobs and roles that you’re most interested in. From there, it works behind the scenes to send you relevant job opportunities. The last (and most important) step is that RippleMatch’s team ensures that you’ll almost always get a response on your applications.

If you want to continue hunting for a job manually, RippleMatch also has a job board that you can leverage. It breaks down its job listings into helpful categories like “Hiring Undergrads”, “Hiring in Texas”, “Hiring in the Fall”, etc. 

RippleMatch works with companies like eBay, General Mills, SAP, Reddit, AB InBev, PNC, Draft Kings, and more.

How Much Can I Make?

RippleMatch does not help you make money right away. But, it can increase your chances of finding a new job. So, the amount that you’re ultimately able to earn on RippleMatch will depend on your experience skillset, and the job that you end up landing. 

That said, since RippleMatch automates your job hunt for you, it also frees up the time that you’d normally spend on job hunting to focus on other endeavors or hustles. By joining RippleMatch, you can free up your time while also increasing your chances of finding a new job.
You can read through a few success stories of RippleMatch users here.

Getting Started

You can get started on RippleMatch by creating a free profile here. From there, you can expect to conduct a brief interview so that they know what types of jobs you’re interested in. After that, RippleMatch will start connecting you with relevant companies and recruiters.

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