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#21) Here: Invest In Vacation Rentals Like Stocks

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3 Sentence Summary:

  • Here is an investment platform that lets you invest in vacation rental properties just like stocks.
  • On this platform, you can buy shares in Here’s cash-flowing vacation rentals for just $250
  • Here is different from other real estate investment platforms because it actually gives you an ownership stake in each property.

Get Access to Cash-Flowing Vacation Rentals

Here is a platform that helps you invest in vacation rental properties, receive an ownership stake in properties, and enjoy passive income.

Vacation rentals are known to generate 160% more revenue than traditional long-term rentals, based on 2021 data from Zillow and AirDNA. If you want to get started investing in vacation rentals then it’s as easy as browsing the properties on Here’s platform and deciding how much you’d like to invest. From there, you just sit back and earn a share of net monthly income and property appreciation.

Here outlines six main reasons why you should invest in vacation properties on its platform:

  1. High-yield: Their properties are located in stable high appreciation and high cash-flowing vacation markets that deliver a strong long-term return.
  1. Passive: They use a property management team for each property, which means you’ll have no responsibilities.
  1. Fractional ownership: Here uses fractional ownership to lower the cost to invest in these properties.
  1. Ownership rights: Unlike other platforms, Here gives you ownership rights in your investment. This means you can receive net rental income, tax benefits, and appreciation.
  1. Value alignment: Here’s team also invests directly in each property on their platform. This way, their goals are aligned with yours.
  1. Protection: Each property is held under an LLC and has property insurance so that you’re shielded from personal liability.

Here has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, and Fox Business and has an average rating of 4.89/5 stars on with over 120 total reviews.

How Much Can I Make?

This will depend on how much you choose to invest as well as the properties that you invest in. Additionally, the past performance of a property is not an indication of how it will perform in the future.

With that said, as of 2022, Here claims that the average return of its properties are:

  • Total return: 33.98%
  • Appreciation: 26.99%
  • Rental income: 5.19%

In addition to the property appreciation, Here also pays you a portion of the cash flow from any properties that you have a stake in. You will receive these payments via quarterly dividends.

Getting Started

To get started on Here, just create an account and browse their active properties. If you find any properties that you’re interested in investing in then you can fund your account and get started!

From there, Here will keep you up to date with the amount of equity that you own in the property, any dividend payments that you’re eligible for, as well as any updates to your property.

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