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#11) Gainy: Invest In Themes And Trends

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3-Sentence Summary:

  1. Gainy is a free stock investment app that lets you invest in trends or themes using thematic investing.
  1. Gainy helps you build portfolios made of 10-15 stocks devoted to one topic, cause, or strategy.
  1. Gainy’s “Inflation-Proof Portfolio” has outperformed the S&P 500 by 15% since January 2021.

What is Thematic Investing?

Gainy is a stock investment app that lets you invest in themes or trends using thematic investing. For example, you could invest in 15 stocks that are all related to the theme “artificial intelligence”. Gainy calls these theme-based portfolios “Thematic Trading Fractionals” or TTFs and there are three different ways that Gainy lets you structure them:

  • Industry-specific: EVs, cannabis, artificial intelligence, etc.
  • Cause-specific: Women-led companies, sustainable businesses, etc.
  • Strategy-specific: dividend stocks, inflation-proof portfolios, etc.

Gainy has a few TTFs that are pre-built. But, it also lets you create your own and can help recommend relevant stocks to include. One example of thematic investing in action is Gainy’s inflation-proof TTF. This fund tracks 21 companies that are able to best withstand inflation. Over time, these TTFs are automatically rebalanced to include new relevant companies and drop underperforming stocks.

TTFs offer a middle ground between picking stocks and investing in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Stock picking is incredibly difficult and usually very risky. On the other end of the spectrum, ETF investing is typically very broad and safe but doesn’t always offer the highest returns. Gainy’s TTFs are right in the middle, tracking about 10-15 stocks compared to ETFs which track hundreds of stocks.

Gainy is also officially registered with the SEC and FDIC, despite being a startup.

How Much Can I Make?

Since you can pick your own stocks and build your own TTFs your returns will vary widely depending on what you invest in.

Gainy advertises that its inflation-proof TTF has outperformed the S&P 500 by 15% since 2021. However, there is no guarantee that this overperformance will continue.

As far as fees, Gainy does not charge any commissions for trading stocks or depositing money. But, it charges a 1% yearly commission on assets under management or $100 a year for accounts with less than $10,000. This fee is billed monthly.

So, if you invest under $10,000 then you will be billed $8.33 per month. But, if you invest $20,000 then you will be billed 1% yearly which is $200 or $16.67 per month.

Getting Started

If you want to use thematic investing to invest in trends that you believe in then Gainy is the perfect app for you. For example, if you believe that electric vehicles, artificial intelligence, or robotics will continue to grow at a rate faster than the overall market then Gainy can help take a lot of the research off your hands.

Gainy also offers a Match Score, which recommends other relevant investment ideas for you based on your interests, investment goals, and risk tolerance. Create an account on Gainy and get started exploring thematic investing today.

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