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#10) Shef: Earn $1,000/Week As A Freelance Chef

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Three Sentence Summary:

  1. Shef is a culinary marketplace that helps connect cooks with customers in their community to sell homemade dishes and earn meaningful income.
  1. Most “Shefs” make around $1,000 per week but many of the top earners bring home over $100,000 annually.
  1. Shef operates in 11 US states but is expanding rapidly as it just raised $73.5 million in a Series B funding round.

The Culinary Marketplace

Shef is an online marketplace that connects local cooks with customers in their community to sell homemade dishes and earn meaningful income. If you’re a talented cook, Shef can help you find hungry customers in your area to start selling your own food. It also supplies you with business tools that can help you market and promote your business on its platform. 

Shef currently operates in 11 states total including metros like Washington D.C. San Francisco, New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Los Angeles. That said, the culinary marketplace just raised a Series B funding round of $73.5 million which values the company at more than $100 million. This means that it will be adding new markets quickly. So, be sure to check their website to get the most up-to-date info!

A few notable investors in Shef include Odell Beckham, Tony Robbins, and Russell Westbrook.

How Much Can I Make?

Shef advertises that you can expect to earn around $1,000 per week once you’ve gotten the hang of selling your own meals. However, this will vary depending on how often you choose to cook and the rates that you charge. Many of Shef’s top earners make over $100,000 annually and the top-earning cook made $400,000. 

Shef’s platform allows you to choose which days you want to work, depending on what fits best with your schedule. You will also receive orders at least one day in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare them.

In addition to the meaningful earning potential, Shef offers other work benefits such as:

  • The ability to design your own menu
  • Setting your own prices
  • Working whenever you want
  • Leaning on Shef to handle payments, logistics, and customer support

Getting Started

To get started on Shef, you just need to create an account and submit a sample of your favorite dishes. These dishes will need to pass a taste test before you can start selling them. From there, you can create a menu of your favorite dishes and set your schedule of days that you’d like to cook. 

Shef lets you work as often or as little as you’d like and does not require you to meet hourly quotas each week. Shef also goes above and beyond to handle logistics and customer support so that you can focus on cooking amazing food.