Teddy Stavetski is your go-to guy for written financial content

Teddy exemplifies the ability to distill and synthesize complex financial subject matter into clear prose.

Basically, he explains finance stuff in a way that makes sense.

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Finance has always been my passion. But, clearly my brother (current NASA rocket scientist) got the lion’s share of the family’s analytical genes. So, instead of working in finance, I write about it.

I started my own finance blog “Do Not Save Money” in 2018. It took off and I quickly started writing for others. By this point, I’ve been freelance writing full-time for almost 4 years and have completed hundreds of projects. If you need written financial content for your blog or business then you’re in the right place. 

My background is one part sales, one part marketing, and one part entrepreneur. This means that I don’t just ramble into a Google doc until I hit a word count. Instead, I write highly-targeted content that’s designed to achieve your business goals.

Two Ways We Can Work Together:


For when you need high-quality finance articles

My bread and butter is long-form blog content @ about 800+ words.

Here are 5 reasons why we should work together:

  1. Goal-oriented – All my writing is specifically designed to help you achieve your marketing goals.
  2. Timely – I can get high-quality articles to you suspiciously quickly. 
  3. Volume – I don’t nickel-and-dime you on word count. In fact, I tend to overshoot. This lets you trim the fat in order to get it perfect.
  4. Fresh ideas – Not sure what kind of content you want? I’m happy to brainstorm some ideas.
  5. Communication – I’m almost always on my email during business hours.

Starting at $200 per article


For when you need a strategic content partner

Do any of these describe your situation? If so, let’s chat:

  • You could use some direction in putting together your content marketing strategy
  • You need help getting a new project off the ground (a new business, blog, YouTube channel, etc.)
  • You need help taking an existing project to the next level
  • You need routine content (like a daily/weekly newsletter) 
  • You need help building a community
  • You need someone that will bring you fresh ideas, perspective, and (of course) quality content  

Have something else in mind? Just shoot me a message below and let’s chat!

Starting at $2500/Month

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What is Do Not Save Money?

Do Not Save Money is the blog that I started in 2018. It’s based on the idea that all your money should be invested, not saved. Nope, not even an emergency fund.

99.9% of financial media regurgitates the same messages. Budget, save, and be frugal. I’ve been hired to ghostwrite hundreds of these articles.

Do Not Save Money offers a fresh perspective. Instead of saving, find places to invest your money so that you start actually making forward progress. 

More About Teddy

I’m from South Jersey but currently live in San Diego.

The University of Miami (Go Canes baby!). I played 4 years on the football team as a preferred walk-on.

I just might be the best boogie-woogie pianist that you know. I feel safe saying this since it’s kind of tough to name any boogie-woogie pianists. Statistically, the odds are on my side.

I also love playing basketball and traveling (Guatemala up next).

Photography. I’ll write hundreds blogs but only post to Instagram about twice per year.

It’s a given that Harry Potter is first, so for my second favorite, I’d have to go with Sapiens, The Millionaire Fastlane, or anything by Nelson DeMille

If we’re counting essays for school then like 20 years. If not, I started writing in a professional capacity in 2018 (approx 4 years).

I average about 1,500 words per day.

I prefer to write articles in one sitting, which is the opposite of what most people recommend. Although, this doesn’t include time spent researching, outlining, and editing.

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